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2021 Majors 60 Fall Schedule

Week Date Time Visiting vs Home Team Location
1 Sat, Sept 12 9:00 AM Marlboro v. Maynard-Stow Maynard Field
    9:00 AM Mass Chaos v. Concord Concord Ripley
    8:30 AM Nashoba Black v. Nashoba Green Bolton Memorial (Capital)
  Sun, Sept 13 11:00 AM Marlboro v. Triple Play-Vinacco Bolton Memorial (Capital)
    11:00 AM Triple Play-Becky v. Harvard Harvard Ryan
2 Sat, Sept 19 9:00 AM Mass Chaos v. Maynard-Stow Maynard Field
    9:00 AM Marlboro v. Concord Concord Ripley
    8:30 AM Triple Play-Vinacco v. Nashoba Black Bolton Memorial (Capital)
  Sun, Sept 20 9:00 AM  Maynard-Stow v. Harvard Harvard Ryan
    1:00 PM Clinton v. Nashoba Green Bolton Memorial (Capital)
  Wed, Sept 23 5:00 PM Triple Play-Becky v. Sterling Sterling Maypother
3 Sat, Sept 26 3:00 PM Triple Play-Vinacco v. Maynard-Stow Maynard Field
    9:00 AM Triple Play-Becky v. Concord Concord Ripley
    8:30 AM Marlboro v. Nashoba Green Bolton Memorial (Capital)
  Sun, Sept 27 1:30 PM Marlboro v. Harvard Harvard Ryan
    11:00 AM Clinton v. Triple Play-Vinacco Bolton Memorial (Capital)
  Tues, Sept 29 6:00 PM Mass Chaos v. Nashoba Black Bolton Memorial (Capital)
4 Sat, Oct 3 3:00 PM Triple Play - Becky v. Maynard-Stow Maynard Field
    9:00 AM Nashoba Green v. Concord Concord Ripley
    8:30 AM Harvard v. Nashoba Black Bolton Memorial (Capital)
    11:00 AM Marlboro v. Triple Play-Vinacco Bolton Memorial (Capital)
  Sun, Oct 4 1:00 PM  Mass Chaos v. Clinton Hudson Boutwell
5 Sat, Oct 10 9:00 AM Nashoba Green v. Maynard-Stow Maynard Field
    9:00 AM Nashoba Black v. Concord Concord Ripley
    9:00 AM Triple Play-Becky v. Mass Chaos Hudson Boutwell
  Sun, Oct 11 12:30 PM Clinton v. Marlboro Bolton Memorial (IL)
    11:30 PM Concord v. Harvard Harvard Ryan
6 Fri, Oct 16 6:00 PM Nashoba Green v. Harvard Bolton Memorial (Capital)
  Sat, Oct 17 9:00 AM Triple Play-Becky v. Nashoba Black Bolton Memorial (Capital)
  Sun, Oct 18 9:00 AM Mass Chaos v. Harvard Harvard Ryan
    9:00 AM Triple Play-Vinacco v. Concord Concord Ripley
    3:00 PM Clinton v. Maynard-Stow Maynard Field
    12:00 PM Marlboro  v. Sterling Sterling Maypother
7 Sat, Oct 24 11:30 PM Marlboro  v. Nashoba Black Bolton Memorial (Capital)
    2:30 PM Mass Chaos v. Sterling Sterling Maypother
    2:30 PM Triple Play-Becky v. Nashoba Green Bolton Memorial (Capital)
    3:30 PM Triple Play-Vinacco v. Harvard Harvard Ryan
  Sun, Oct 25 9:00 AM Concord v. Maynard-Stow Maynard Field
    11:30 AM Clinton v. Sterling Sterling Maypother
Oct 31 & Nov 1 Cancelled due to weather
8 Fri, Nov 6 6:00 PM Mass Chaos v. Marlboro  Hudson Boutwell
  Sat, Nov 7 3:00 PM Triple Play-Vinacco v. Nashoba Green Bolton Memorial (Capital)
    2:00 PM Harvard v. Sterling Sterling Maypother
    11:00 AM Triple Play-Becky v. Nashoba Black Bolton Memorial (Capital)
  Sun, Nov 8 3:00 PM Sterling v. Maynard-Stow Maynard Field
9 Tue, Nov 10 6:00 PM Mass Chaos v. Nashoba Green Bolton Memorial (Capital)
  Sat, Nov 14 11:00 AM Marlboro v. Triple Play-Becky Bolton Memorial (Capital)
    11:30 AM Mass Chaos v. Triple Play-Vinacco Hudson Boutwell
    1:00 PM Nashoba Black v. Concord Concord Ripley

            NOTE: Schedule Updates in RED

   Fall Field Locatons

Field Name Field Street Address
Concord Ripley

120 Meriam Road, Concord, MA 01742

Bolton Memorial

20 Wattaquadock Hill Road, Bolton, MA 01740

Harvard Ryan

71 Depot Road, Harvard, MA 01451

Maynard Field

1 Tiger Drive, Maynard, MA 01754

Sterling Maypother

309 Princeton Road, Sterling, MA 01564

Hudson Boutwell

119 Chapin Road, Hudson, MA 01749



   Fall Field Rules

  • Fall League Majors games are 2 hours unless otherwise noted
  • Evening games must be complete by 7:00pm in accordance with State rules for current EEE threat
  • PLEASE rake the infield and remove any trash at completion of games
  • Make-up games will be done on Sunday